Childhood Cancer


Childhood Cancer


To ensure that all children and adolescents who suffer from cancer have the best prognosis and quality of life. 



Children worldwide are diagnosed
with cancer every year


80% of children
are diagnosed late, which complicates their treatment and prognosis.

90,000 children
and adolescents lose
their battle with cancer
each year.

73% of survivors will suffer the side effects of treatments throughout the rest
of their lives.


42% of survivors will
face life-threatening
complications due to severe side effects. 

There are 12 types of childhood cancers and countless subtypes. Researching them is a challenge.

Unlike adult cancers, the causes of childhood cancers are unknown and are not linked to lifestyle factors. 


 Nevertheless, investment in childhood cancer
research is essentially non-existent


How we do it

How we do it

what we do?

Richi Research is a program of the Richi Foundation. Its objective is to identify and invest in research, development and innovation in pediatric oncology. 

We evaluate and select projects in any type of childhood cancer, at any stage, anywhere in the world. 

From lab to market: we invest in the project, creating companies to accelerate research breakthroughs.

Our companies benefit from the positioning of the Richi Foundation thus increasing their chances of success.


The source of funds comes from the fundraising activity of the Richi Foundation, venture philanthropy and impact investors.


We also offer investment opportunities in
our companies to private investors and venture capitalists. 

We always partner with prominent institutions and professionals from around the world who specialize in pediatric oncology.